Three Types of Split Units for Your House

Mini split AC units are growing in popularity as a type of ductless air conditioners that allow a significant reduction of house cooling Fujitsu Split ACbills thanks to an individual room inside unit thermostats and efficient ductless heat transfer. This article will look at the three types of split ductless air conditioning units. By reading through, you will have a better idea of which one to install in your home.

Wall mounted mini splits.

These are the most popular type. The AC installer will first drill a small hole 2-3 inch into the interior wall and provide the hoses and conduit. He will then connect the inside unit to the tubes and pipe and mount the inside until over the hole. Usually, the wall mounted AC system will be installed either high up the wall or above the window to provide enough air supply. The benefit of this Fujitsu Split AC system is the ease of installation. The only disadvantage is the limited air flow.

Ceiling recessed mini splits.

Ceiling recessed mini split units will mount inside the ceiling, so none of the unit parts will protrude out of the roof. However, a good depth is needed for the recessed portion, as much as 7-10 inches or sometimes more. When it comes to ceiling recessed split units, it will usually take up the air centrally and blow it in four different directions through the vents. The benefit of ceiling recessed spilt AC systems is that a larger unit can be accommodated into the ceiling for as long as there is enough space. The drawback is that it is a peculiarly fashioned air flow, taking in air centrally.

Ceiling suspended mini splits.

These AC systems are suspended several inches from the ceiling on metal rods. The flow of the air will be uni-directional, from the front to the back if the AC system. Due to the modifiable suspension, the unit can be removed from the ceiling which plays a role when the ceiling is high. An additional benefit of suspended Fujitsu Split ACis that they are extremely ‘aerodynamic’, meaning that the hot and cold air flow around the system will be completely unobstructed.

In contrast, ceiling recessed split air conditioner airflow is obstructed by the ceiling and the wall mounted split AC system has the air flow obstructed by the wall. It is essentialsince a better airflow around the AC system means that the cooled air can cover a longer distance, thereby more effective when it comes to cooling larger spaces.